We offer a 24hr personal service every day of the year.

When you need us at this difficult time, we are only a phone call away, offering a professional, caring and sympathetic service at an affordable price.

We will guide you through all the arrangements, offering options available, advice and support.

Your first step is to contact us, either by telephone, message or visiting one of our offices in person.

We will take brief details, advise of the removal of the deceased back to our Private Chapels of Rest as soon as possible and arrange a convenient time for us to visit you at your home, or alternatively we can discuss the arrangements at our offices, whichever is more convenient to yourself. You decide.


The Service

Whether you wish for a full service at the Crematorium Chapel or a Graveside Burial; or if there will be a service in any particular church, chapel or any other religious or non-religious establishment prior to cremation or burial.

Whereupon the relevant Vicar, Priest, Minister or Officiate will be given your name, address and telephone number by us and in due course will contact you and make arrangements for a visit to discuss the service.


Registration of the death is the only aspect of the funeral arrangements we cannot do, you will need to do this personally. However, we will give you all the necessary advice needed for you to go to the Registrars to register the death. 


Whilst arranging the funeral and depending upon the options you may choose, we will advise on costs and charges to be incurred, including all payments to third parties, our charges and a fully itemised estimate will be given to you as soon as we know your chosen wishes.

We want to provide a professional service, offering traditional values at an affordable price, but not reducing the quality of service we give to you.


Chapel of Rest

We will arrange transportation of the deceased to our Chapels of Rest, whether it be from the local area, or even repatriation from across the country or abroad. You know we will take good care of your loved one.

Once everything has been prepared, we will advise you on viewing arrangements, if this option has been chosen.


We will advise and draft an Obituary Notice for any local or national newspaper and after the funeral has taken place we will organise an Acknowledgement in the same papers. 


We can advise and put you in touch with our monumental mason, which again are a local family run business who we have used for over a decade.

They will give you unbiased advice and free estimates for any work, whether it be a new memorial, additional inscriptions or renovation to existing headstones.

DSC01315 (3).JPG


We run two fleets of luxury Mercedes vehicles and now having the addition of a Vintage Hearse each limousine holds up to 7 people and we can arrange for any number you may require.

Additionally, if you require the use of a horse drawn hearse and mourners carriages this can also be arranged.

CATERING or Reception venue

We can advise you on caterers to supply catering or local venues you may want to consider going back to after the funeral service.


We can put you in touch with specialist groups within our organisation, SAIF, who will give help and support on all aspects of legal matters and bereavement support.


Floral Tributes

We will advise on any floral tributes you require then arrange for them to be delivered to the appropriate address.

Our florists, who are also a family owned and run local business whom we have used for many years, are of a very high standard and quality.

Funeral Options

We provide three funeral options:

  • Our Simple Value Funeral provides a lower cost funeral option at a fair price.

  • Our Traditional Funeral provides a bespoke funeral giving you the option to tailor make the arrangements as you want them, with no restrictions (as you have in the Simple Funeral option).

  • Our Direct Cremation is a cremation without a ceremony, it is for people who would prefer a simpler funeral choice. It is different to a traditional funeral as there is no service

All options come with a high level of professionalism and service as standard.